Yet another “crackdown” against illegal vehicles

The Sindh Police has initiated yet another drive to crack down against vehicles violating the law and in some cases adding to the difficulties law enforcers face when combating criminals in the city of over 18 million people.

With a fresh resolve and backed by many agencies including the Excise Department, the Anti Car Lifting Cell, the Citizens Police Liaison Committee and the Citizens Trust Against Crime the first exercise was conducted on Sunset Boulevard in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority.

Fancy number plates were removed from over 55 vehicles while 12 were impounded. The Traffic Police Chief Ghullam Qadir Thebo added that a politician’s vehicle was also impounded during the drive.

Interestingly while civilians complied with the law enforcement agencies and accepted the hefty fines, certain government officials claimed entitlements, and the daughter of a provincial secretary hurled a tirade of abuses at the law enforcers mocking them about their knowledge of the Law.

For such a drive to be successful the yardstick used should be the same for everyone. If however different rules are set for government servants and for tax-paying civilians then this drive like many before it will fail miserably.

Glimpses from the field :

Mohtasab-e-Aala, Bohot Aala #Karachi #crackdown #violoatons

A post shared by Ovais Jafar (@ovaisjafar) on

Glimpses from Day 1 of the crackdown against illegal vehicles in #Karachi

A post shared by Ovais Jafar (@ovaisjafar) on

*while this has been published it is still a work in progress. I will be updating it with references to the laws that allow such drives, the penalties as well as the “citizens right” in such cases.


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