Suicide Bomber Auction


Pakistan is gearing up to talk to the Taliban. I do not know if the talks will be successful. At this time one cannot help but wonder how much will be achieved when the mentality of those supporting the cause of terrorism is such that a father claps when his son is sold at an auction for 1.5 million Saudi Riyals to become a suicide bomber.

The video is not very recent. It has been around for nearly a year and half and has been viewed over 67,000 times with an equal number of likes and dislikes.

It shows a private auction (allegedly to have taken place in Jeddah, KSA) where the buyers are bidding for a man who will become a suicide bomber. The bidding slows down at 600,000 riyals only to suddenly jump to a million and then finally to the highest bid of 1,500,000 Saudi Riyals.


In the video the auction begins with slogans of ‘Takfeer, death to the infidels’ and ‘there is only one god’. The original audio is in Arabic with English subtitles. It shows a man who is identified as Abu Salah who offers “the product of my loin (his son)” according to the subtitles, following which he is carried upon shoulders as a hero.

The auctioneer takes over and starts the bidding at 200,000 Riyals. Quickly the bidders raise the stakes, and the bids double. The man up for auction is identified as Khaled whose brother the content suggests is a martyr.

The auctioneer appeals to the bidders that Khaled will be sent to Baba Amro (in Syria) and that he will sacrifice his life, telling bidders that they need them to sacrifice their money egging them not to be stingy. Do not be afraid he tells them.

The bidding stops at 600,000 and after a few seconds jumps to 1,000,000 Riyals amid a loud cheer as everyone starts clapping. At this point an arrow indentifies Khaled’s father who can be seen clapping as well.

The bidding ends at 1.5 million Saudi Riyals, the price paid for Khaled to end his life in a suicide bombing.

The video itself is not promoting the content or the practice of auctions where one tries to outbid another in an attempt to secure a suicide bomber. It does however raise the question if any talks being held will be successful when there are such people who are willing to spend millions upon millions to produce more and more suicide bombers who will kill themselves and many innocent women and children – all in the name of Islam.

If you wish to the see the video for yourself click here.


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