Open Letter to help #SaveMVAlbedo !!!

The last time Ahsan Naveed’s family saw him, he had a sparkle in his eyes, he was as excited as any 20 year old would be, ready to embark on his maiden voyage as an ordinary sailor. Little did he know, he would be taken hostage within days. The MV Albedo was taken hostage by Somali Pirates on 26th November 2010.

The MV Albedo’s 22 Man crew consists of 7 Pakistani, 7 Bangladeshi,  6 Sri Lankan 1 Iranian and one 1 Indian national – they have now spent over 500 days in Captivity.

To #SaveMVAlbedo and bring home Captain Jawaid Saleem Khan, 1st Officer Mujtaba, 3rd Officer Raheel Anwar, 4th Engineer Zulfiqar Ali, Ordinary Sailors Ahsan Naveed, Faqir Muhammed and Kashif Islam – the families of  MV Albedo need to raise US 1.7 million.

After 10 months of negotiations, on the request of the families and under instruction from the Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrarul Ebad Khan, CPLC Chief Ahmed Chinoy formally launched the appeal to #SaveMVAlbedo.

The Campaign requires volunteers to help raise funds. The Contribution can be monetary, or man hours. We need to raise Rs. 160,000,000 by the 20th of April.

In the past 17 months a lot has transpired. Mujtaba  has been blessed with a Son, Abdullah – the first boy in his family after a gap of 30 years – now 14 months old has yet to meet his Father. His 3 daughters have stopped attending school because of his captivity. Mujtaba’s children need your help.

Mrs. Jawaid has been living a nightmare. For the sake of her children, she hid the news of their father’s kidnapping for 10 months. At one point she was told by the Pirates that her husband has been killed. She could not bring herself to face her daughters, to tell them what she knew. It was months later that she learned the Pirates had lied. She needs this nightmare to end. She needs your Help to #SaveMVAlbedo.

Onboard the #MvAlbedo the crew is enduring a nightmare far worse than one can imagine. They are fed a single meal of watery rice every day, due to malnutrition the crew has lost on average 20 Kg in weight. Held hostage on board the MV Albedo 60 nautical miles off the Somali Coast, they are provided less than one liter of water per person, per day. They need your Help.

Imagine having to deliver the news that you are about to be killed. Luckily it has only been employed as a pressure tactic, so far. The Captain and 1st Officer need this mental torture to stop – not knowing if the next time the threat will be for Real. They need your Help to #SaveMVAlbedo.

The Pakistani nation has come together in times of need. They have proven time and again that their hearts are made of Gold.
We know 160,000,000 sounds like a formidable amount, but in reality if only everyone in Karachi gave 9 rupees we would be able to bring #MvAlbedo home today. If we can reach out to every fifth person and collect 45 rupees each, this nightmare can be over. We hope to reach every tenth person – with a target of 90 Rupees per pledge. Come join us, let’s bring #MVAlbedo home.

You can make a deposit online using the “pay anyone” option on you banks ‘netbanking’ portal.

You can also make a donation via your banks ATM machine. You don’t need to sign up for this service; just visit your banks ATM machine and choose the funds transfer section. Simply follow the instructions on the ATM screen to transfer funds. Please be advised that there is a charge that your bank will apply when using interbank transfer facility.

The account details for the #SaveMVAlbedo campaing are :

A/C Name: Shahnaz Jawaid & Neelam Mujtaba

A/C No. (PKR): 10052-10653622
A/C No. (USD): 10052-10653789
A/C No. (GBP) :10052-10653808

Swift Code: NIBPPKKA


2 responses to “Open Letter to help #SaveMVAlbedo !!!

  1. Ms Indra Nilaweera

    This is the first time I got this email. Needd to help my nephew who is the Cheif Engineera Nalindra Wakwella from Sri Lanka. Will try to help as much as possible. His daughter is just five yrs old and crying for him saying she needs to talk and see him. Pl keep me informed. How has Sri Lankan Govt helped about this issue.
    Hope all your efforts will be fruitful
    May Allah Bless you

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