Zardari Ki Bimaari

Back in 2008, when the candidates for Pakistan’s Presidential Race were submitting their nomination papers; i sat in a corner penning my thoughts. Today when AP broke the story that President Asif Ali Zardari did infact suffer from a Stroke (or something slightly milder), i decided to fish out my penned thoughts from August 2008…

No Monkey Wrench, just wrenched Monkeys 
Ovais.Jafar – 28th August 2008

As Pakistan gets ready for a new president, it was a pleasant surprise to see all three candidates nomination papers be accepted, without any monkey wrenches being hurled by opposing party candidates. However it is very interesting to see a nation of monkeys sitting on the sidelines, not even blinking at this wonderful orchestra performance.

If evolution had kicked in sooner, and we had evolved from ape, into man; many more of us would be questioning the somewhat submissive acceptance by the Chief Election Commissioner.

According to Senator Khalid Ranjha, former president of the Supreme Court Bar and one time Law Minister – Each candidate would have had to submit proof of Qualification as well as Disclose all Assets, at home and abroad. As stated in the Constitution of Pakistan – a candidate must not suffer from mental disabilities proven in a competent Court of Law.

Senator Ranjha, in our brief conversation pointed out that recently released money from Swiss Bank Accounts (approx 60 million dollars) could have hampered Mr. Zardari’s nomination.

60 million dollars or not; I cannot seem to get past the allegations made by the international news daily “Financial Times”.

In a recent article they claim to have been shown Court documents submitted by Mr. Zardari’s lawyers – citing mental instability, post traumatic stress disorder, dementia, major depression, loss of memory, the list goes on.

With no medical knowledge, I personally believe ailments of the mind can be cured by the mind. After all Britain’s greatest Statesman “Winston Churchill” was suffering from Depression, and as Dr. Cosmo Hallstrom from London’s Imperial College puts it; “He was Britain’s greatest Statesman, who saved it from its Darkest hour”.

Dr. Hallstrom also pointed out, that although Churchill suffered from depression, it was curable just like post traumatic stress. The alarming statement was about “dementia” another ailment Mr. Zardari is said to have been suffering from. As Dr. Hallstrom put it, it has no Cure.

If this is true, why wasn’t an issue raised about this during the election commission’s scrutiny. If  Mr. Zardari is really suffering and these ailments were not simply created to delay court proceedings (which they successfully did), the new question is,  can Zardari be Pakistan’s Churchill ??


Whether you would like me to eat my hat or my shoes for comparing AAZ to Winston Churchill I do not know, and quite frankly i do not care.  He might not have done much for Pakistan, but I’m sure if Winston was alive today.. He’d be taking classes from A.A.Z !!


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