Enroute to Badin

Karachi today received a taste, of what will be battering Badin over the weekend. I have just crossed Thatta, and all I can see heading East, is Lightning.

I am told the situation in Badin, is going to get from worse to worst. The forecasted rains have already started & are expected to last well into next week.

Inaugurating, a Telemedicine Centre at the Civil Hospital in Badin, Dr. Fehmida Mirza said, that out of 23 districts 21 have been affected worst including 2 severely. She added that the losses will be in Trillions.

For the 1.8 million people of Badin district, more rain means more sickness, more devastation, and more deaths.

Having lost almost all their crops, there is only a small percentage of the livestock that has survived so far, will they survive the weekend – I cannot say. I have heard carcasses can be seen lying around, but I am waiting to confirm this with my own eyes.

What to Look Forward to:

Putting the blame on scarcity of resources, the Government claims to have provided relief to 90% of the population and will start the second phase of providing relief tomorrow (Sunday, 11th Sept).

The International Aid organizations have finally been heard from, and I hope to meet up with some of the teams tomorrow.

Will be catching up with local teams that have been involved in rescue and relief operations.


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