Aalim se Zaalim tak…

I finally saw the (allegedly) fake Amir Liaquat video yesterday. I didn’t have the patience to digest the full contents of the 2 videos, but…

Anyone with studio time will concur, “You Are Never Alone With A Mic” – plain and simple. Most studio’s have similar lines pasted on the entrance as a warning to Anchor’s & Guest’s (if they choose to pay heed).

Watching ‘Zaalim Online’ – as it was being referred to on Social Media Networks – the somewhat out of sync video, didn’t surprise me. I saw what I see on a daily basis.

Pakistani’s talk worse than that, given a private setting. I’m sure most of you reading this, use ‘Ma#*#*Ch*) Bh*#n*#) – in some form or the other in your daily lives. Maybe you prefer ‘FU#K’ instead. Whatever your preference, I’m sure you get the point.

Having laughed through as much of ‘Zaalim Online’ as I could, I just had to see the Rebuttal.

I’m not the industry expert on this, but my 7 year experience suggests, it will take 5 mins, and a half decent NLE (non-linear editor) to fix the video and bring the audio back into sync. If it is needed the video and audio can also be slowed down to see if it is actually authentic. (I hope someone’s taking notes for Zaalim Online).

As I watched the Rebuttal, I was shocked, no wait, I was sickened.

After watching Amir Liaquat deny the video’s contents – Quoting Religion, Quoting Hadith, and then those “Top Dollar” equivelant Callers (an overall Stellar Performance) – I’m hoping, that he will for the sake of his Callers, unmask the truth for all to see. I hope he will expose how Real or Fake the contents are.

7 years of experience allows me to say this. Video’s similar to ‘Zaalim Online’ are personal projects of NLE’s working at large media networks. Any half-decent media house has at least a few dozen NLE’s working in a 24 hour cycle (identifying the perpetrator will require nothing less than Sherlock & Watson’s return).

Until Sherlock returns, you can head to Youtube for some entertainment; it is littered with priceless examples, eager to entertain you. I just hope following Amir Liaquat, members of the Anchor & Reporter fraternity don’t come forward, and start denying that it is really them in the uploaded content. Remember Chand Nawab’s Video?

While Chand Nawab’s rebuttal would make for a humorous sequel, and will probably be less detrimental to his fan following than Liaquat’s Rant, Zaalim Online, has exposed the distance people on TV will go to, just to get attention.

I will leave you now, with the same words that slipped out aloud, as I watched Amir Liaquat rebut; “I’d love to see the Outtakes of this show…”.


2 responses to “Aalim se Zaalim tak…

  1. cool, stuff!

  2. nice, balanced and meaningful!

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