I hope you don’t mind a lot of Questions.

How are you celebrating Independence Day? Attending any Independence Day Celebrations? Sang any cheesy ‘mil’lee naghmai’ today? Are you Flying the Flag?

I am flying the ‘Parcham-e-Sitara-o -Hilal’ as it is officially called. I don’t know why you’re flying it though. You don’t know anything about it.

Most of you will be flying an abomination of our 2:3 ratio pride and joy. A large number of you will not be able to answer; “Who designed the symbol you so proudly fly today?”

Don’t bother checking the Government websites. They haven’t got a clue. Neither do our Consulates & Embassies abroad. I don’t think they’ve heard of Wikipedia.

Having robbed one man of credit he deserves, we have changed History. How did we manage this feat? It wasn’t very difficult, given our state of affairs.

A few years ago, Websites of the Government of Pakistan ( replaced the name of the original designer with : Quaid-e-Azam Muhammed Ali Jinnah.

I seriously doubt Jinnah sat there with a pen and paper doodling out what our flag should look like. I don’t think he had the time.

The man who made the flag has been forgotten. His name was Syed Ameerudin Kidwai. Born in 1901, died in 1973. His design was based on the All-India Muslim League’s flag. (The Muslim League flag itself was inspired by those of the Sultanate of Delhi & the Mughal Empire.)

When Pakistan’s Government forgot Ameerudin, so did the World. Following our official pages; many websites around the world changed their Content on the Pakistan Flag. (checkout some of them at the end of this Rant.)

The webmaster, responsible for the URL behind this mess was contacted. He responded at the time, that since it was a government website; whatever was written was Correct.

Till today the websites haven’t bothered correcting their mistake. I’m thinking i should ask Firdous Ashiq Awan, and see whether she knows about Ameerudin.

The last Information Minister to face a camera & the same question, replied with; “I’m not out here to play Neelaam Ghar”. See Video

I know your intentions are pure when you fly an abomination of our national flag, but when you fly it today, think about Ameerudin; Say a little Thank you for this ‘Parcham-e-Sitara-o-Hilal’.

Flags; since the very beginning have been extended respect, equal to what they represent.

If you won’t respect Pakistan, who will respect You?

*Short Links to the websites I mentioned
FlagSpot PKConsulMilan PKEmbNorway


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