In Your Head…

All the money being spent by non-profits trying to ignite ‘religious compassion’ in the hearts of the Pakistani Elite, living in DHA, will be spent in vain.

My Argument was supported by a first hand account narrative from Meg; who happens to work for just such an NGO.

Meg spoke of her experience with a certain Rikshaw driver whose appearance had almost made her look for another. She described that his clothes were in tatter’s, and his face showed signs of disease.

Meg continued that her perception of this man however changed before the light turned green. This rickshaw wala, called out to a begger who had no arms, and had been shunned away by a Hummer, a Prado, and countless others. Yet it was this man, who called out himself and gave the amputee 10 rupees.

There is a lesson here. If any of you have NGO’s or work for one, please stop spending thousands of dollars, trying to instill compassion in the hearts of the Elite.

Those who can’t spare 5 rupees, probably wont embrace your lesson of Compassion.

To believe otherwise, is like building paradise, in your Head…


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