In Search of a Conspiracy Theory…

As I sat there staring at Hillary’s expression I could not help but notice the blurred sheet of paper that lay before her. Curiosity got the better of me, and I got searching for a Hi-Res version of the image. The best I found was a 1.5MB file. Not the best I thought, yet it turned out to be quite revealing.

The second sheet of paper that lay beneath the blurred first page, turned out to be a satellite image of the Osama Compound. One that was taken at night – much different than what we are used to seeing on Google Earth.

I started searching for something, anything a little bit more interesting. I zoomed in on the file in Hillary’s lap. It read : “TOP SECRET CODEWORD NOFORN” and on the second line “For use in White House Situation Room Only”.

At first I didn’t think much of it; but I soon learned NOFORN stands for No Foreign National’s. A little pondering and a few discussions finally led me to believe that it was really possible that the Pakistani’s had no clue about this operation – and it wasn’t a cover up to quell any chances of aggravating the already tense terror situation in the country (as most had been speculating).

What I couldn’t understand was how they managed to deceive one of the worlds most proficient Armed Forces; and managed to come in undetected. I recalled Najam Sethi’s monologue story telling from his last show, that the American’s had violated our borders once before and to avoid any untoward event, informed the Top Brass in person – only when their missiles were airborne over Pakistani Borders.

Could they have done something similar this time around as well ? If not how did these choppers fly in and out and still remain unchallenged. My faith in our Armed Forces Capability (the last standing pillar, in some cases) refused to let me accept that they were a bunch of buffoon’s.

However I do accept the American’s are a force that can never be underestimated. As I scoured the internet searching for Stealth Technology and the methods of achieving Radar invisibility I stumbled across a piece that mentioned two particular Aircrafts. EA-6B also known as “Prowler” a naval aircraft which has been used in Iraq and EA-18G also known as “Growler”. The later caught my attention more and what I came across leads me to believe that it is very possible that Pakistani Radar Operators kept thinking everything was normal – when infact it was not.

On the 22nd of April, EA-18G “Growler” was deployed on the USS Carl Vinson – that is currently stationed somewhere in the North Arabian Sea. It is also rumored that OBL was taken to the Carl Vinson and it was from their he was sent to his Watery Grave.

Now I stated before that all of this most likely may end up as a wild conspiracy theory; but then again… it might just be the truth (that even as I write, I find a little difficult to digest).

If the above assumption provides the USAF or the SEAL’s enough cover to come in and conduct an operation 15 minutes away from my Country’s Capital; what worries me is can it be done again ?

If this hasn’t gotten you thinking, consider the scene from Black Hawke down. As US choppers fly in for an operation, we are shown them flying over some kids on a hill top. As they hover past them; a boy pulls out a phone and informs ahead.

That my friends is called human intelligence !! It doesn’t cost as much as a radar, is often more reliable and is impossible to be jammed – unless they are willing to kill young boys for talking on cell phones.


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