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Serial No. Patients Name Next of Kin Diagnosis
1 Saifullah Jan S/O Noor Muhammad Fracture left forearm
2 Ziaullah S/O Saufullah Jan Facture right tibia & fibula
3 Ghullam Zuhera W/O Ali Asfa Fracture left forearm
4 Allah Bux S/O Abdul Rehman Head Injury
5 Abid Hussain S/O Muhammad Khan Chest Trauma
6 Amanullah S/O Muhammad Raza Amputation Right Arm
7 Abdul Haq S/O Abdul Rehman Fracture neck of femur
8 Sakina Jan W/O Khair Zaman Fracture Right Arm
9 Imam Safdar S/O Sangeen Khan Fracture Both Legs
10 Ambaro Bibi W/O Imam Safdar Fracture Left Foot
11 Tajraha S/O Abdur Rasheed Fracture Both Legs
12 Naveed Zahra W/O Muhammad Mumtaz Nasal Injury
13 Rukhsana Arshad W/O Arshad Muhammad Fracture Left Fumerus
14 Sadaqat Begum W/O Anwar Ullah Poly Trauma
15 Zahid Shah S/O Kachkool Fracture Left Ankle
16 Qadar Gul S/O Noor Gul Fracture Left Wrist
17 Asia Bibi W/O Muhamad Kamran Deep Laceration on Skull
18 Asghar Khan (not stated) from Quetta (not stated)
19 Bakh Mali Khan (not stated) from Kohat (not stated)
20 Zahid Shah (not stated) from Peshawar (not stated)
21 Zareena Parveen (not stated) from Karachi (not stated)
22 Rukhsana Bibi (not stated) from Peshawar (not stated)
23 Tasleem Ahmed (not stated) from Karachi (not stated)
24 Muhammad Farooq (not stated) from Gujrat (not stated)

India’s Pakistan obsession, after pigeon BSF catches deranged-spy

The spy-pigeon and the deranged-spy

For India it seems bashing Pakistan isn’t just kosher, it fans the flame of loyalty to burn brighter and stronger. Under such circumstances, it is not surprising that Pakistan is blamed for sending spy-pigeons, mentally unstable spies and plotting conspiracies against its neighbour by the media.

The most recent allegation comes after the arrest of a man they claim attacked an Indian Border Security Force (BSF) convoy. The claim is one we have heard before, this time however it isn’t a pigeon but a deranged man identified as Usman Khan aka Qasim aka Navaid who claims he travelled for 12 days through the jungle with an accomplice and had been in India for two days to do ‘Gods work’.

While Pakistan’s National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) dismissed Indian allegations stating on Thursday that Usman Khan is not Pakistani, the mainstream Indian media – excited like a child learning how to whistle – continues to blow hard drawing parallels between Usman Khan and Ajmal Kasab hoping to create the same piercing noise associated with a clean-whistle.

Towing the same line mainstream journalists have chosen, one Indian journalist pointed out reasons why Khan is most likely mentally unstable; but even in trying to prove his argument (that all is not well upstairs with Khan) the journalist still maintained the argument that Khan is a terrorist.

The Indian Express also tows the same line but does mention the conflicting claims the deranged-Khan ahs made. Khan allegedly told his captors he arrived with one accomplice 12 days ago but to the police he said he arrived in the first week of June.

Another Indian Express story plays on Pakistani media’s silence on the issue; pointing towards the backlash media outlets faced when they identified Kasab as Pakistani. It quotes a retired Pakistani Brigadier terming the accusations impossible because of heavy military presence on the Indian side of the border, terming the allegations an excuse to discontinue peace talks.

It is a sad day for those hoping for better India-Pakistan relations; when Pakistani Bajrangi Bhaijaans are standing up to help Geeta find her home, Indian media and even politicians are keen to jam the cog-wheels of anything that may warm hearts and pave the path for peace.

For those carrying the batons and those holding torches along the path, the Indian media is proving to be a storm determined to blow out the flames and disorient the relay runner.

It is not difficult to understand why the Indian media overdoses itself at times like this; it brings in ratings that otherwise require a lot of legwork. For the men and women in the Indian media getting ahead of themselves becomes excusable when cashing in on a story like Khan’s.

However, when the Home Minister of India tells the parliament that Navaid aka Usman aka Qasim – a man who should surely be undergoing mental-evaluation – is a Pakistani terrorist who hails from Faisalabad, one can only wonder if over the course of the next few weeks we will see another video on social media of another Indian official accidentally exposing to the world the reality of the two alleged Pakistani terrorists that felled armed BSF soldiers and injured nearly a dozen more.

Whether his name is Khan and he is a terrorist, or not, time will tell. Until then all those real life Bajrangi Bhaijaans who were trying to get Geeta home, please sit down your moment has come and passed.

This rant originally appeared here

Yet another “crackdown” against illegal vehicles

The Sindh Police has initiated yet another drive to crack down against vehicles violating the law and in some cases adding to the difficulties law enforcers face when combating criminals in the city of over 18 million people.

With a fresh resolve and backed by many agencies including the Excise Department, the Anti Car Lifting Cell, the Citizens Police Liaison Committee and the Citizens Trust Against Crime the first exercise was conducted on Sunset Boulevard in Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority.

Fancy number plates were removed from over 55 vehicles while 12 were impounded. The Traffic Police Chief Ghullam Qadir Thebo added that a politician’s vehicle was also impounded during the drive.

Interestingly while civilians complied with the law enforcement agencies and accepted the hefty fines, certain government officials claimed entitlements, and the daughter of a provincial secretary hurled a tirade of abuses at the law enforcers mocking them about their knowledge of the Law.

For such a drive to be successful the yardstick used should be the same for everyone. If however different rules are set for government servants and for tax-paying civilians then this drive like many before it will fail miserably.

Glimpses from the field :

Mohtasab-e-Aala, Bohot Aala #Karachi #crackdown #violoatons

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Glimpses from Day 1 of the crackdown against illegal vehicles in #Karachi

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*while this has been published it is still a work in progress. I will be updating it with references to the laws that allow such drives, the penalties as well as the “citizens right” in such cases.

Suicide Bomber Auction


Pakistan is gearing up to talk to the Taliban. I do not know if the talks will be successful. At this time one cannot help but wonder how much will be achieved when the mentality of those supporting the cause of terrorism is such that a father claps when his son is sold at an auction for 1.5 million Saudi Riyals to become a suicide bomber.

The video is not very recent. It has been around for nearly a year and half and has been viewed over 67,000 times with an equal number of likes and dislikes.

It shows a private auction (allegedly to have taken place in Jeddah, KSA) where the buyers are bidding for a man who will become a suicide bomber. The bidding slows down at 600,000 riyals only to suddenly jump to a million and then finally to the highest bid of 1,500,000 Saudi Riyals.


In the video the auction begins with slogans of ‘Takfeer, death to the infidels’ and ‘there is only one god’. The original audio is in Arabic with English subtitles. It shows a man who is identified as Abu Salah who offers “the product of my loin (his son)” according to the subtitles, following which he is carried upon shoulders as a hero.

The auctioneer takes over and starts the bidding at 200,000 Riyals. Quickly the bidders raise the stakes, and the bids double. The man up for auction is identified as Khaled whose brother the content suggests is a martyr.

The auctioneer appeals to the bidders that Khaled will be sent to Baba Amro (in Syria) and that he will sacrifice his life, telling bidders that they need them to sacrifice their money egging them not to be stingy. Do not be afraid he tells them.

The bidding stops at 600,000 and after a few seconds jumps to 1,000,000 Riyals amid a loud cheer as everyone starts clapping. At this point an arrow indentifies Khaled’s father who can be seen clapping as well.

The bidding ends at 1.5 million Saudi Riyals, the price paid for Khaled to end his life in a suicide bombing.

The video itself is not promoting the content or the practice of auctions where one tries to outbid another in an attempt to secure a suicide bomber. It does however raise the question if any talks being held will be successful when there are such people who are willing to spend millions upon millions to produce more and more suicide bombers who will kill themselves and many innocent women and children – all in the name of Islam.

If you wish to the see the video for yourself click here.

Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool (PBUH)

Glimpses Across Pakistan – Youm-e-Ishq-e-Rasool

5 Cinema’s, 3 Banks, ATM’s, 3 Restaurants, part of Sheraton (yup), 12+ Killed, 100+ Injured, lots of police mobiles torched, & that’s just in Karachi.

In Islamabad the Red Zone was a war zone, with the police unable to cope with what was demanded of them. Residents in the Red Zone ended up crying at home literally because of the extensive use of tear gas by Law Enforcers.

In other cities, Petrol pumps, CNG stations, Cinema’s, Buildings, Restaurants, Banks, and other property was subject to Arsonist’s Galore.

All this was done in the name of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). I do not take his name because, it would be disrespectful to associate the barbaric murder, loot and plunder that was witnessed across Pakistan today, with everything that his lessons teach.

According to the Information minister of Sindh, 2000 policemen were injured across the Islamic Republic of Pakistan today. What the world saw happening across this country is Not a true picture of Islam. In fact it is the farthest of all protests that took place across the muslim world this Friday.

Mufti Munib-Ur-Rahman, a Religious scholar – normally responsible for the sighting of the moon – speaking to the host of the countries most watched news show said, what the world witnessed today was not an example of Islam. He went on to quote from the last sermon of the Holy Prophet (PBUH); that the way the holy City of Mecca has its religious importance, the life of every human being holds just as much importance, and that the best example of ishq-e-rasool is to follow in the foot steps of the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

It is true, because the aim of every pious Muslim is to achieve Sirat-e-Mustaqim (The Righteous Path).

After all a pious muslim begs the Almighty to guide him on that path at least 20 times a day – in the five compulsory prayers – more if the additional prayers are offered. Unfortunately the Mufti is the same man, whom other Mufti’s are in disagreement with every year when it comes to the sighting of the Moon – a task he is responsible for.

That in itself highlights, that even religiously we stand divided into so many groups; that we all have starkly different perceptions of the same thing, and that we all call our evolved versions, Islam. I am saddened to say, that I live in a country where Sirat-e-Mustaqim was an operation launched by the Army in Bara Teshil of Khyber Agency in 2008.

I end this rant, with lines that have left me quite disturbed. I am sure they will have the same effect on every Muslim who reads them :

The men behind the movie said it would expose Islam as a violent religion. Now they’re pointing to the riots as proof. Muslims are “pre-programmed” to rage and kill, says the movie’s promoter. “Islam is a cancer,” says the director. According to the distributor, “The violence that it caused in Egypt is further evidence of how violent the religion and people are and it is evidence that everything in the film is factual.” Congratulations, Rioters. You followed the script perfectly. You did their work for them.

Picture taken from this Album.

71 Pages of Confusion

The Supreme Courts detailed verdict in the Prime Ministers Contempt of Court Case, has created more confusion than clearing up the existing confusion; whether the Prime Minister stands disqualified, or is liable to being disqualified from the Majlis-e-Shoora, remains a mystery that a layman can never solve alone. Being just such a layman, I turned to the experts.

According to Justice (R) Wajihuddin Ahmed; the Supreme Court will only give findings on the contempt of court case. It will not state that the Prime Minster stands disqualified – because the clause for that is present in the constitution (Article 63(1)g).

I further asked, whether the matter will now go to the Speaker to decide whether 63(1)g applies or not. His response, in his opinion, Article 63(2) does not apply because it states “If any question arises whether a member of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) has become disqualified from being a member, the Speaker or, as the case may be, the Chairman shall, unless he decides that no such question has arisen, refer the question to the Election Commission within thirty days and should he fail to do so within the aforesaid period it shall be deemed to have been referred to the Election Comission.”

I asked why Article 62(2) did not apply. The retired Justice explained, that a question has not arisen a conviction verdict has already been given. Therefore the 30 day time period for the Speaker to ponder over the issue is irrelevant.

On an interesting note, he added, that the Supreme Court had sent the short order to the Speaker as well as the Election Commission, and it is most likely that the complete verdict will also be sent to the Election Commission. Why is this point so interesting ? Because it gives way to the question… “Does the Speaker need to send the matter to the Chief Election Commissioner, or will the Election Commission proceed against Prime Minister GIlani?”

For my second opinion I turned to Senator, Barrister Farogh Nasim. Having himself seen the full verdict I asked him whether Para 71 starting from its last sentence – which speaks of the verdict given on the 10th of January 2012, now stood validated since the Prime Minister was convicted on the 28th of April 2012. (For the readers benefit, the said para (starting from its last sentence) is reproduced below)

…. The Respondent was put on notice through Option No.2 in the order dated 10.01.2012 (Ex.P22) of the possible consequences of non-compliance of this Court’s direction and the relevant portion of that order reads:

“5.          This brings us to the actions we may take against willful disobedience to and non-compliance of some parts of the judgment rendered and some of the directions issued by this Court in the case of Dr. Mobashir Hassan (supra). This Court has inter alia the following options available with it in this regard:

 ………It may not be lost sight of that, apart from the other consequences, by virtue of the provisions of clauses (g) and (h) of Article 63(1) read with Article 113 of the Constitution a possible conviction on such a charge may entail a disqualification from being elected or chosen as, and from being, a member of Majlis-e-Shoora (Parliament) or a Provincial Assembly for at least a period of five years.”

My question to the Barrister was : After the 26th April conviction, should the words “may entail a disqualification” be read without the “may” ? He concurred with Justice Wajih on the note, that after the Prime Ministers conviction article 63(1)g does apply, and if the Speaker does forward the matter to the Election Commissioner within 30 days, it will be deemed as forwarded.

While both agreed, that Prime Minister Gilani should morally step down, Farogh Nasim is of the view that the detailed verdict in its self does not disqualify the Prime Minister; while Justice Wajih maintains that there is no reason for the Verdict to even state – that the Prime Minister has been disqualified, because it is already stated clearly in the Constitution. I on the other hand, a Layman, am still confused.

*The Author is not a Legal Expert. The opinions of the legal experts mentioned are as stated : “Opinions”. Therefore any plans you may have of wanting to sue me, should stand nullified thanks to this disclaimer.

Open Letter to help #SaveMVAlbedo !!!

The last time Ahsan Naveed’s family saw him, he had a sparkle in his eyes, he was as excited as any 20 year old would be, ready to embark on his maiden voyage as an ordinary sailor. Little did he know, he would be taken hostage within days. The MV Albedo was taken hostage by Somali Pirates on 26th November 2010.

The MV Albedo’s 22 Man crew consists of 7 Pakistani, 7 Bangladeshi,  6 Sri Lankan 1 Iranian and one 1 Indian national – they have now spent over 500 days in Captivity.

To #SaveMVAlbedo and bring home Captain Jawaid Saleem Khan, 1st Officer Mujtaba, 3rd Officer Raheel Anwar, 4th Engineer Zulfiqar Ali, Ordinary Sailors Ahsan Naveed, Faqir Muhammed and Kashif Islam – the families of  MV Albedo need to raise US 1.7 million.

After 10 months of negotiations, on the request of the families and under instruction from the Governor Sindh Dr. Ishrarul Ebad Khan, CPLC Chief Ahmed Chinoy formally launched the appeal to #SaveMVAlbedo.

The Campaign requires volunteers to help raise funds. The Contribution can be monetary, or man hours. We need to raise Rs. 160,000,000 by the 20th of April.

In the past 17 months a lot has transpired. Mujtaba  has been blessed with a Son, Abdullah – the first boy in his family after a gap of 30 years – now 14 months old has yet to meet his Father. His 3 daughters have stopped attending school because of his captivity. Mujtaba’s children need your help.

Mrs. Jawaid has been living a nightmare. For the sake of her children, she hid the news of their father’s kidnapping for 10 months. At one point she was told by the Pirates that her husband has been killed. She could not bring herself to face her daughters, to tell them what she knew. It was months later that she learned the Pirates had lied. She needs this nightmare to end. She needs your Help to #SaveMVAlbedo.

Onboard the #MvAlbedo the crew is enduring a nightmare far worse than one can imagine. They are fed a single meal of watery rice every day, due to malnutrition the crew has lost on average 20 Kg in weight. Held hostage on board the MV Albedo 60 nautical miles off the Somali Coast, they are provided less than one liter of water per person, per day. They need your Help.

Imagine having to deliver the news that you are about to be killed. Luckily it has only been employed as a pressure tactic, so far. The Captain and 1st Officer need this mental torture to stop – not knowing if the next time the threat will be for Real. They need your Help to #SaveMVAlbedo.

The Pakistani nation has come together in times of need. They have proven time and again that their hearts are made of Gold.
We know 160,000,000 sounds like a formidable amount, but in reality if only everyone in Karachi gave 9 rupees we would be able to bring #MvAlbedo home today. If we can reach out to every fifth person and collect 45 rupees each, this nightmare can be over. We hope to reach every tenth person – with a target of 90 Rupees per pledge. Come join us, let’s bring #MVAlbedo home.

You can make a deposit online using the “pay anyone” option on you banks ‘netbanking’ portal.

You can also make a donation via your banks ATM machine. You don’t need to sign up for this service; just visit your banks ATM machine and choose the funds transfer section. Simply follow the instructions on the ATM screen to transfer funds. Please be advised that there is a charge that your bank will apply when using interbank transfer facility.

The account details for the #SaveMVAlbedo campaing are :

A/C Name: Shahnaz Jawaid & Neelam Mujtaba

A/C No. (PKR): 10052-10653622
A/C No. (USD): 10052-10653789
A/C No. (GBP) :10052-10653808

Swift Code: NIBPPKKA